Fitness equipment and training accessories for studios and home

For strength, endurance and fitness with fun and style

Are you looking for a comprehensive range of high-quality fitness equipment and accessories for sport and leisure?

For more than 30 years, Shark Fitness AG has offered a comprehensive range of fitness equipment and training accessories for home use or for commercial use in gyms, hotels, physiotherapies, corporate fitness centres and schools.

The many years of experience, as well as close cooperation with specialists such as physiotherapists or top athletes, guarantee a biomechanically well thought-out and qualitatively high-quality fitness equipment range. 

Fitness equipment

Find the right training equipment for you: cross trainers, ergometers, treadmills, rowing machines, weight machines and many more.

Professional fitness

The professional equipment department for commercial use includes strength equipment, weight stations and rehabilitation equipment.

Training accessories

From weight plates and bars to adjustable weight systems and kettle balls - here you will find training accessories that have it all.

Sporters nutrion

Protein, egg white or creatine are just some of our sports nutrition products for building endurance and strength or dieting.

Sports and leisure

Fun is guaranteed here: Trampolines, massage chairs, sitting balls and scooters for lots of exercise or relaxation in your free time.


The wrong equipment is the knockout for this punchy sport: we have punching bags, gloves and boxing trainers for experts.

Our top sellers for your fitness

Discover the Shark Fitness bestsellers in fitness equipment for your home, gym or health facility. Whether it's an exercise bike, treadmill boxing or a weight station, we've listed our customers' favourite workout equipment for you.

Home fitness equipment

Sometimes going to the gym is a tough one. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use your favourite exercise equipment in the comfort of your home whenever you want? 

A low-impact workout that you can do at home on a fitness machine that is set up for you will improve your body shape and fitness level. With today's technology, your training success can be easily tracked and motivates you to "keep at it". 

Each category of exercise equipment has its unique benefits - find out if a cross trainer, treadmill, ergometer, rower or indoor cycle is right for your workout. 

Workout without compromise

A ergometer, or exercise bike, provides a good cardiovascular workout and improves stamina and endurance through regular training. 

Training on a crosstrainer also activates the torso muscles by using the upper body. An effective workout that strengthens the abdominal and back muscles and can provide lasting postural improvement. 

With a treadmill you can bring your own personal running track into your living room. With this indoor training device, you can set up an endurance run, long run or interval workout and perform it safely in any weather. Thanks to the controllable load and movement, it is also gentle on ligaments and joints. 

Or are you more the rowing type? Exercising with a rowing machine has a positive effect on fat burning and muscle building and offers one of the gentlest workouts, increases endurance and improves the cardiovascular system.


Shark Fitness Shops in Wettingen and Wil (SG)

With our competent and personal advice, you will find out which training equipment suits you best. Your state of health, physical constitution, spatial conditions in your home as well as budgetary ideas are all taken into account in the decision-making process.

We also offer a assembly and installation service throughout Switzerland. 

Consulting, planning, realisation & service

Since 1987, fitness centres, physiotherapies, schools, sports facilities, hotels and company gyms from all over Switzerland have been among the satisfied clientele of the Shark Professional Division. A qualified service team provides professional and efficient support and guarantees the smooth operation of commercial training equipment. The services regarding high-end fitness products include personal consultation, planning, realisation as well as service of commercially usable fitness facilities. Take advantage of this added value and let our experts advise you without obligation.

High-end fitness equipment

You want professional fitness equipment at the highest level? High quality in the choice of materials and workmanship as well as a high user-friendliness are a prerequisite for professional training equipment for you? Make no compromises and convince yourself of our high-end fitness equipment for fitness professionals and experts. Whether you are a gym, health centre or private individual - the professional equipment department of Shark Fitness AG offers a comprehensive range of commercially usable rehabilitation, strength , cardiovascular training and fitness equipment.

Experience and innovation

Our innovative strength and many years of experience, as well as close cooperation with physiotherapists, sports physicians, top athletes, sports instructors in the professional equipment sector, guarantee a biomechanically well thought-out and high-quality range of commercially usable fitness equipment.


Let our fitness brand diversity inspire you

In our online shop, you'll find the most trusted and recognised brands in the fitness industry, exclusively available only at Shark Fitness. Our portfolio of internationally renowned brands includes manufacturers of fitness equipment (Life FitnessNOHrD or SportsArt), sports nutrition (Sponser), boxing (Bruce Lee), exercise accessories (Jordan FitnessAIREX or Polar) and sports and leisure (VLUV, Micro Scooter or SYNCA). Whether it's an ergometer, treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine, power station or sports nutrition - with our variety of brands, you're sure to find the right fitness equipment supplier.

We stand for this with our name

When it comes to the brand, the overall impression must of course be right. This includes quality, safety, user-friendliness and reliable service. Shark Fitness is proud to distribute reliable and strong brands in the fitness and health industry and stands for this with its name.