Punching balls

A punching ball, also called a speedball or reflex ball, is a training tool often used by boxers and martial artists to improve reflexes, punching techniques and coordination. It consists of a small inflatable ball attached to an elastic cord or band. The ball can be made of leather, synthetic leather or other durable material.

Reflex training: the punching ball is designed to swing or rotate back and forth when struck or tapped. This requires quick reactions and improves the trainee's hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Training with a punching ball can improve reaction time and the ability to recognize and dodge punches.

Punchingtechniques and precision: hitting a punching ball requires precision and accuracy. Boxers and martial artists can practice various punching techniques such as jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts and improve their punching combinations. Training with a punching ball can help improve punching power, speed and technique.

Conditioning and endurance: continuously hitting the punching ball requires physical effort and endurance. It can help increase cardiovascular fitness, improve muscle endurance and contribute to overall body conditioning.

Stress relief and concentration: working out with a punching ball can also help relieve stress and improve concentration. It requires focus and presence, which can contribute to mental relaxation and concentration.

Portability and easy installation: punching balls are usually small and portable. They can be easily attached to a ceiling, a stand or a special holder. This makes them a convenient option for training at home or on the go.

It is important to note that, again, training with a punching ball requires some technique and caution to avoid injury. It is recommended to wear appropriate boxing gloves and make sure that the punching ball is securely fastened to avoid injury or damage.

Tunturi Speedball boxing ball (14TUSBO053 )
Do you want a varied boxing workout? Then do a workout with a speedball! A speedball is also known as a 'boxing ball' due to its shape. It is a relatively small punching bag that bounces back from a punch or kick. So you can't let your attention relax for a moment when training with a speedball! The ball is made of leather and is robust and durable, so you can enjoy your speedball for many years to come. Training with a speedball is all about the right rhythm. You hang the ball on a special speedball platform with the help of a swivel. This swivel ensures that the ball can move quickly in all directions.
Hatton Punching Ball (JLBOX-HATPB)
The Punching Ball is the ideal training partner for every boxer. Thee unpredictable movements of the Punching Ball improve speed, accuracy, timing and rhythm. You have to learn to read the Punching Ball like your opponent in the ring.

Bruce Lee Speedball on stand (14BLSBO106)
Bruce Lee standing punching ball for a varied boxing training. This leather punching ball of the brand Bruce Lee is made of black leather. With the punching ball stamina and punching speed is trained and improved. The reaction ability is particularly promoted, because the athlete must be 100% on the job by the rebound of the ball. In this way, progress in focusing can also be achieved. The diameter of the bulb is only 17 cm and you can therefore easily integrate the speedball into a room.