Medicine balls

Effective training with a medicine ball

The medicine ball, also called fitness ball, is versatile in sports! Whether you want to do individual training exercises or a full body workout - with the right medicine ball you have a universal training tool that improves coordination and flexibility of the whole body. Workouts with medicine balls are extremely effective thanks to their weight and handling.

The medicine ball is a versatile fitness tool

Medicine balls are optimal training tools for fitness and strength training, but they are also excellent for rehabilitation exercises. They can be used in many sports exercises or in rehabilitation to increase the intensity and effectiveness of the training. It doesn't matter if you do individual training or partner exercises - the medicine ball is a versatile fitness tool. It improves strength, coordination and endurance and is also suitable as prevention to strengthen the body and thus protect against sports injuries.

Large selection of medicine balls: We have the right fitness ball for every workout

Medicine balls are part of the basic equipment of sports and are therefore popular fitness equipment at schools, in the club, in the gym or at home. In countless ball sports, such as handball, basketball or volleyball, a fitness ball is used for the targeted training of certain muscle groups.

You want to buy a medicine ball? Then you should consider the following

Shark Fitness offers professional medicine balls in various sizes and weight classes. In our fitness shop you will find a large selection of medicine balls from strong brands in the fitness industry such as Body Solid or Jordan. Depending on the training and exercise, medicine balls differ not only in size and weight, but also in their material. For example, the Body Solid Soft medicine balls allow for a varied workout and is comfortable to hold. Or the Jordan Double Grip Med Balls, which has two handles for versatile training options. The Shark Fitness Shop also has the right training accessories, such as the Jordan stand for 10 medicine balls.

Not sure which medicine ball best suits your workout? We are happy to help you find the right one. Because a high-quality fitness ball is usually enough to complete a successful workout and enjoy the sport. Contact us without obligation and let our Shark Fitness experts advise you on the purchase of a medicine ball.

Sissel medicine balls 1-5kg
The fitness and rehabilitation equipment from Sissel for an effective full body workout. Improves strength, coordination and endurance. One of the best fitness and rehabilitation equipment for the whole body! (Price from 1kg medicine ball)
Tunturi medicine ball 1-5kg
The medicine balls from Tunturi in the weight categories 1, 2, 3 and 5 kg can be used in many areas. Whether for cross training exercises, stability exercises, strength exercises, rehabilitation exercises, in school sports lessons etc. Tunturi medicine balls are robust and durable and there is a suitable ball for every fitness level.
Loumet medicine ball 8kg / 9kg - Sale
SALE - available while stocks last
To slam or not to slam, for once it's not a question: you may! - the LOUMET GYMBALLs are the most durable and reliable medicine balls on the market today. They are specially designed and manufactured for all hard surfaces. The ball combines the strength of a normal "dead" ball with the bounce of a medicine ball. They are specially designed and manufactured for all hard surfaces.
Body Solid Soft Medicine Balls 2.7-13.6kg BSTSMB
The soft medicine balls from Body Solid's Tools Collection allow for varied training and are comfortable to hold. The soft medicine balls do not bounce and can be thrown, caught or held for various exercises. They train explosive strength, coordination and improve endurance. They can be thrown against the wall or used together with a training partner. (Price from 2.7kg soft medicine ball)
Tunturi Wall Balls 4-10kg
The Tunturi Wall Balls are CrossFit balls with a special wool-sand filling. They are suitable for various CrossFit and fitness exercises alone or in a group. With the Wall Balls you can throw, bounce, roll and improve your coordination and deep muscles through other exercises. (Price from 4kg Wall Ball)
Jordan Slam Balls 3-15kg (JLSB2)
Jordan's Slam Balls can be thrown against the wall or the floor without bouncing. The Slam Balls provide an efficient full-body workout and train the trunk, as well as the upper and lower extremities. Slam Balls train explosive power, coordination and improve range of motion and flexibility. (Price from 3kg Slam Ball)
Body Solid Premium Tire Tread Slam Ball 4.5-9.1kg (BSTTT)
The slam balls from Body Solid can be thrown against the wall or the floor without bouncing. The slam balls provide an efficient full-body workout and train the core as well as the upper and lower extremities. Slam balls train explosive power, coordination and improve range of motion and flexibility. (Price from 4.5kg slam ball)
Tunturi Slam Ball 5-20kg
The Tunturi Slam Balls consist of a solid surface with a special iron-sand filling that is particularly hard and resistant to impacts. The Tunturi Slam Ball is the perfect fitness ball for training throws and slams. The specially structured surface with studs also guarantees a secure grip.
Body Solid Heavy Rubber Ball 9-32kg (BSTHRG)
Each of the BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls has a diameter of 34.5cm and is available in six different weight options, making them a great addition to any home gym or facility. Body Solid BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls integrate perfectly into several popular workout routines, including wallball workouts, squats, partner/group throws, and all slam ball and medicine ball exercises. Body Solid's heavyweight BSTHRB rubber balls are designed not only for durability but also comfort, with a grippy rubber construction that ensures a firm grip throughout your workout. Each ball is colour coded by weight and features a weight indicator for quick and easy use.