Barbells and disc stands

Dumbbell racks and weight disc racks are designed to organize and store dumbbells and weight discs. They provide a convenient and safe solution for storing and accessing workout accessories.

Dumbbell Stands:

Organization and order: dumbbell stands allow you to store dumbbells in an orderly manner. They provide special shelves or holders on which dumbbells can be placed or hung. This prevents dumbbells from lying around the workout area and reduces the risk of tripping or damaging them.
Easy Access: With a dumbbell rack, dumbbells are easily accessible and within reach. You can easily remove the dumbbells from the holders or place them on the shelves, improving the flow of your workout and reducing the amount of time you spend preparing.
Protecting Equipment: Dumbbell racks help to properly set down and store dumbbells, reducing wear and damage to the dumbbells. Proper storage prevents dumbbells from falling on the floor or other hard surfaces, causing damage.
Space saving: dumbbell racks are usually designed to save space and allow dumbbells to be stored compactly in a small space. This is especially beneficial in gyms and home workout areas where space is limited.

Disc Stands:

Order and organization: disc stands are used to store weight discs of different sizes in an orderly manner. They provide special hooks, pins or bars on which the discs can be safely hung or placed. This facilitates storage and avoids the clutter of weight discs.
Quick access: With a disc stand, the weight discs are easily accessible and clearly arranged. You can quickly find the discs you need and add or remove them, making your workout flow more efficient.
Protecting Equipment: Storing weight discs on a disc rack prevents damage or scratches. The discs are held securely and cannot fall to the floor or bump into each other.
Space saving: disc stands are usually compact and allow weight discs to be stored in a space-saving manner. This facilitates the organization of the training area and saves space, especially if there are many weight discs.

Tunturi Pro Tower Dumbbell Rack (14TUSCF055)
The Tunturi Pro tower dumbbell rack is an absolute must-have for all those who like to keep their professional or home gym tidy. 10 pairs of dumbbells fit on this tower stand, which impresses with its simple design in matt black. This makes the stand suitable for all room concepts. The tower dumbbell rack is extremely stable and robust.