Measuring instruments

Measuring devices can be useful tools to obtain information about the body and physical activity.

Body composition monitors:
Body composition scales use various technologies such as bioimpedance to provide information about body composition. This includes factors such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and body water.
These scales can help monitor progress on a fitness or weight loss program and track changes in body composition over time.
It is important to note that the accuracy of body composition scales can vary depending on the model and quality. Measurement results can be affected by factors such as hydration status, meals, skin hydration, and positioning on the scale.

Heart Rate Monitor:
Heart rate monitors are used to measure heart rate during exercise or physical activity. They can take the form of chest straps, wristbands, or optical sensors on wrists or fingertips.
By monitoring heart rate, you can determine your exercise intensity range and ensure that you are exercising in your desired heart rate zone.
Heart rate monitors can also be used to monitor recovery status after exercise and detect signs of overtraining or insufficient recovery.

As with body composition monitors, the accuracy of heart rate monitors varies from model to model. Optical sensors can be susceptible to movement or insufficient skin contact, while chest straps typically provide more accurate readings.

Both body composition scales and heart rate monitors can provide valuable information and help monitor physical health and exercise progress. However, it is important to note that these devices should be viewed as support tools and should not be used as the sole basis for exercise or health decisions.

Tanita BC401 Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor
TANITA BC-401 is a compact and highly accurate body composition scale, ideal for use by the whole family. The scale stores the data of five people and measures only what is really relevant for children (between 5 and 17 years), namely weight, BMI and body fat percentage. In this way, everyone gets an insight into their own body composition and works together on their own health goals.
Tanita BC-313 body composition monitor black
The Tanita BC-313 body composition scale impresses with its beautiful glass look, the touch screen and the 50 gram graduation. In addition, the scale is very compact despite a capacity of 150kg. The large LCD display shows 10 body composition measurements in a short time.
Tanita BC-543 body composition monitor
The Tanita BC-543 body composition scale provides nine body composition readings measured in 100 gram increments. The stylish body composition scale with tempered glass platform is suitable for all users and has a weighing capacity of 150kg. It includes memory for four users and an easy-to-read LCD display that allows you to view previous readings for weight, body fat and body water.
Tanita BC-545N Body Composition Monitor
The BC-545N offers Tanita's state-of-the-art segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to analyse and measure the proportions of body fat and muscle mass in five segments: Arms, legs and central abdominal area. Provides results in as little as 15 seconds.
Tanita RD-545 HR Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor
Segmental Body Composition Monitor with wireless connection - Take control of your body with the Tanita RD-545. With this accurate scale, you can monitor 20 types of body compositions and measure each part with pinpoint accuracy. Then set your goals and chart your progress with the MyTanita app. Customize your training program according to your activities and body composition.
Tanita DC 430 S MA Segment Body Analytical Scale
With the help of the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), total body water, body fat and fat-free mass can be determined. In addition, the body fat analysis scale Tanita BC-430 S MA, calibrated with stand, incl. printer and software, gives an indicator for visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass and metabolic age.
Tanita DC 430 MA P segment body analysis scale

With the help of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), total body water, body fat as well as fat-free mass can be determined. In addition, the body fat analysis scale Tanita DC-430, calibrated with stand, incl. printer and software, still gives an indicator for visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass and metabolic age.
Polar Verity Sense OHR optical heart rate sensor
The Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate sensor that offers maximum freedom of movement and multiple options for displaying and recording training sessions. Thanks to Bluetooth®, ANT+ and internal memory, you can connect the Polar Verity Sense with a sports watch or an app to display the training data in real time or save the training session in the internal memory and read out the data afterwards.