Body Solid Multistation Fusion F600 Personal Trainer

In addition to the proven bi-angular technology, the Body Solid Fusion 600 training station offers 180° rotating, 14-stage adjustable pulling arms for a variety of exercises. The chest-supported rowing exercise or the seated leg curl/extension exercise, as well as the modern, ergonomic design make the Fusion 600 an attractive training partner.

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  • Station 1: Bench press (converging movement) with 4-way adjustment of the movement angle for horizontal bench press, incline bench press and shoulder press, shoulder press with tilting back support - the patented Bi-Angular® Press Arm with multi-position handles guides you through the optimal range of motion while applying resistance from two directions. The even, multi-directional resistance increases muscle interaction by 25%. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Bi-Angular® technology on chest presses, incline bench presses and shoulder presses. It's like training with free weights.
  • Station 2: seated rowing exercise with adjustable chest support
  • Station 3: synchronised, articulating functional training arms with a spectrum ranging from upper ab exercises to lateral access workouts - 180° rotating, 14-position adjustable pull arms for a variety of exercises (abductors, adductors, hips and glutes, bicep curl, butterfly, rowing and many more)
  • Station 4: upper pulley for a variety of exercises (upper body pulldowns, lat pulldowns, triceps, abdominal crunches, crossovers) - adjustable hold-down pads stabilise the body during lifts that exceed body weight. Unrivalled versatility makes it possible to increase the strength and endurance of the back muscles
  • Station 5: Seated leg extension and leg flexor station with swivelling rollers for quadriceps and leg biceps training - build muscular legs and stronger knee joints - the leg developer helps to achieve the goals. The leg developer's SmoothGlide bearing system guides you through the most challenging leg curl and leg extension exercises.
  • 1 user
  • Space-saving, modern design
  • Gas-assisted telescopic seat and telescopic backrest with multi-position cushion that ensures comfort and adjustability for users of all sizes
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Quality upholstery
  • 95kg weight block
  • Optional leg press (FLP) with 2:1 weight doubling ratio

Application: Home use, payload: approx. 200kg
Machine dimensions without leg press: L200 x W125 x H211cm, equipment dimensions with leg press: L200 x W205 x H211cm, training dimensions without leg press: L250 x W220 x H211cm, training dimensions with leg press: L250 x W310 x H211cm, weight 270kg
Accessories: lat pull-down bar, tricep handle, foot strap
Options: Leg press with 2:1 weight doubling ratio (FLP), multi-hip (FMH), pull-up/leg lift/dip station (FKR/FPU), weight-assisted pull-up/leg lift/dip station (FCDWA)
Warranty: 2 years on labour and spare parts (excluding consumables)

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