Body Solid Series 7 Angled Linear Bearing Smith Gym GS348Q Rack and Multi-Press - 1
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Body Solid Series 7 Angled Linear Bearing Smith Gym GS348Q

A 7° inclination of the 14-position free weight support and the Multipress unit with ball-bearing bar guide guarantee a natural movement. 20 engagement options for the guided bar guarantee a customised start and stop position

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Body Solid Option Series 7 Multipress GS348Q: pull-up bar (GPU348)

Body Solid Option Series 7 Multipress GS348Q: pull-up bar (GPU348)

CHF 99.00
Body Solid Pro Universal Bench GFID71

Body Solid Pro Universal Bench GFID71

CHF 499.00
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Set to a 7 degree reverse incline, the Series 7 allows for natural upper and lower body movement for maximum muscle interaction, a feature not found on the traditional Smith machine. User safety is ensured with 20 crossbar locking points that are accessible with a simple 15° rotation of the bar, eliminating the need for a spotter. For exercises that require free weight movement, the 14-position cannon is also set to a 7° reverse incline with 43cm of additional heavy-duty safeties, providing convenient lift-off points and predictable racking.

The Series 7 is great for any bench for intense chest and shoulder routines. Add the optional Selectorised Lat Attachment for high and low cable exercises, lat pulldowns, tricep pressdowns, cable crossovers and much more!

The Body Solid Smith Series 7 machine is the product of advanced biomechanical design, superior construction engineering and meticulous quality standards. It is a collection of the best benefits offered by the Smith Machine, Half-Cage and Multi-Station gyms


  • Base frame with linear ball bearing multi press with 50mm bar - Smith system with linear ball bearing and 20 locking points for crossbars for a safe and solid stop at any point in your workout routine
  • Free weight rack with 14 support positions (Gun Rack) - free weight rack system with 14 lift and support positions for ultimate versatility, safety and control
  • 7° incline for a natural movement sequence - precise 7° angle Smith machine combined with a 7° angle barbell training centre with free weight for natural upper and lower body movements
  • Safety stopper
  • Bar weight 11kg - Large diameter Smith Bar responds quickly, is easy to control and weighs only 11kg. Ideal for amateurs or professionals
  • Safety restraints - includes incredibly strong, adjustable safety restraints for both the Smith System and free weight barbell training centre.
  • Snap locks on the safety rests for easy adjustment
  • 6 disc supports for 51mm Olympic weight discs
  • Bar holder for 50mm bar
  • Robust frame construction - robust all-4-side welded construction made from 11 gauge and 12 gauge 5 x 7.5 cm mainframe steel with a secure, solid 4-point mount for maximum stability
  • Option: Lat/pulley module: the lat/pulley module is available in the version with a 95kg weight magazine. An additional footrest ensures a secure hold.
  • Option: Butterfly module
  • Option: training bench
  • Discs not included in the scope of delivery

Use: Home to light commercial use, load capacity: approx. 200kg(2 x 100kg)
Equipment dimensions: L180 x B180 (with bar) x H211cm, training area: L280 x B180, weight
Accessories: 6 disc supports with 50mm diameter (attached to the frame)
Options: Barbell bar, discs, lat/pulley station, butterfly, bench, pull-up bar
Warranty: 2 years on labour and spare parts (excluding consumables)

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