Sponser Oat Pack Bar 30 x 60g Bar - 1
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Sponser Oat Pack Bar 30 x 60g

Sponser Oat Pack - concentrated power from oats. Juicy oat flakes combined with roasted macadamia nuts and Chufas tiger nuts, provide the necessary energy for the high demands in nature.

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Sponser Oat Pack - suitable as a tasty snack at work and everyday life, on bike tours, hiking and trekking.

Oat flakes are rich in satiating dietary fibers (beta-glucans) and thus provide a long-lasting energy supply. The blood sugar level thus remains constant for a long time and energy deficits do not occur.

Macadamia nuts are considered to be the finest and tastiest nuts of all and were already used by the aborigines of Australia as a protein and fat-rich food source. Tiger nuts are grown mainly in Spain in the region around Valencia. Both nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and provide fat-soluble vitamins (E, A, K, D) and various minerals such as potassium and calcium.


bull: Staggered and continuous energy release thanks to a wide
sugar spectrum.
bull: Extremely tasty, thanks to first-class ingredients
bull: 100% natural. Handmade.

Suitable as a power snack at work, leisure and sports.

oat flakes 40%, glucose syrup, invert sugar, pralineacute:mass (sugar, hazelnuts,vegetable fat hardened, cocoa mass, soy flour, emulsifier: lecithin), macadamia nuts 12%, tiger nuts 4% (chufas), margarine non-hydrogenated, lemon juice, table salt. May contain traces of nuts and other seeds.

Packaging unit: 30 bars à 60g
Flavors: Oat snack (with macadamia nuts).

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