Sponser Pro L-Glutamine 100% Pure 350g can Amino acids - 1
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Sponser Pro L-Glutamine 100% Pure 350g can

Sponser L-Glutamine for strength and endurance athletes in free form, without by-products. Ideal for recovery, muscle building and immune defense.

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With 61%, glutamine is the amino acid that occurs most frequently in the body in free form. In principle, the muscle cells are able to produce glutamine on their own, but during athletic activity bottlenecks can occur and supplementation is recommended. For this reason, it is also referred to as a semi-essential nutrient. During intensive training, the body is dependent on all energy sources. Often there are not enough nutrients available and it is forced to fall back on the muscle mass. Glutamine plays a crucial role in the extraction of energy from proteins. Furthermore, glutamine promotes glycogen storage in muscle cells and is thus an essential component of high-quality regeneration products. Due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, the immune system can be sustainably strengthened. Strength athletes benefit from the transport properties of glutamine. Due to its chemical structure, glutamine actively binds with other amino acids, transports them to the desired location in the muscle or body and releases them again. A consistent muscle build-up is thereby made possible. In addition, glutamine reduces protein breakdown after physical training (anti-catabolic property). Furthermore, Glutamine binds the free water in the body cells and thus makes the muscles appear more compact and defined.


  • L-Glutamine Pure - free amino acids without by-products
  • Can be used in strength and endurance sports for regeneration and building muscle mass
  • Gluten, lactose and milk protein free: 100% vegetable UseTo support the regeneration and build muscle mass directly after training.intake in drinks or other foods.

Packaging unit: 350g can

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