Weider Whey Aminos 300 Tablets Amino acids - 1
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Weider Whey Aminos 300 Tablets

Quickly available Whey Protein Hydrolysate with high biological value to supply the trained muscles.

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Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. If dietary proteins are consumed, the body must first break them down into their building blocks, the amino acids. Especially after training, or if no proteins have been consumed for a long time, the muscles need quickly available amino acids. With Whey Aminos, the starting protein is not just any protein, but biologically high-quality Whey = whey protein. Through a particularly gentle process, the whey protein is already optimally broken down. In this process, the natural benefits of whey protein are fully preserved. The amino acids can be absorbed very quickly by the muscles.

  • For the supply of the musculature after the training
  • Whey Aminos = muscle build-up - no fat build-up
  • Whey Aminos - also very useful in the diet

Recommended intake:
Take five to six tablets with liquid to enhance low-protein meals.
Take five to six tablets with liquid before training.
After training, take five to six tablets with liquid.

Packaging unit: Can with 300 tablets = 480g
Flavor: neutral

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