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Sponser Carbo Loader 1200g can

For the replenishment of carbohydrate stores developed, energy sports drink. Also shortens the recovery time during training camps.

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High-energy sports drink specially developed for replenishing carbohydrate stores. Optimally supports glycogen storage before competitions and shortens recovery time during training camps. Also ideal to support creatine intake (100-200ml).

Carbo Loader contains various types of sugar, which cause a 20-50% increase in energy utilization, as well as the new VITARGO, a patented carbohydrate from barley starch with a molecular weight about 100 times greater than maltodextrin. This results in very low osmolality and 70% faster muscle glycogen formation.

Carbo Loader is the very latest in carboloading and is already used by many top Swiss athletes.


  • Very high carbohydrate content of 250 g/liter.
  • Easy intake and dosage
  • Established product in top sports
  • Very broad sugar spectrum with the high-molecular, patented special carbohydrate VITARGO TM

One daily ration on the day before competitions of 1h duration or longer. During intensive training camps on the day before, day 3, 6,9, etc. and 1st day after and in case of energy shortages. 1 daily ration = 4 x 1 serving per day: for morning, lunch and dinner as well as before bedtime.

Flavor: Citrus-Orange
Packaging unit: 1200g can

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