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Weider Pure Creatine 600g can

Pure Creatine for building and maintaining muscle mass and strength.

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Creatine is the supplement that has helped many athletes achieve success in conjunction with heavy training. The energy currency of the body is the so-called ATP - an energy-enriched phosphate. Without ATP, the body has no power, regardless of muscle mass. For this reason, it is clear that the more ATP is present or can be formed, the more athletic performance can be increased.

Creatine is produced by the body and can be obtained through food or supplements. However, to supply the same amount as 1 teaspoon of creatine = 5g, you would have to eat about 1.kg of beef! Regardless of the amount, the fat content would be too high for your athletic success. The task of creatine is to restore depleted ATP. The depleted creatine storage in the trained muscle can be replenished by the supply of Weider Pure Creatine. And more energy means more performance in training. The training can be more intense n, the muscles are more stressed, the growth stimulus is greater. Pleasant side effect: The natural creatine storage is in the muscles. The more creatine is stored in the muscle, the more water can be stored in the trained muscle. The musculature looks plumper. This is also referred to as cell hydration. Of course, Weider uses only tested and certified quality made in Germany.

For the first 4 days, stir 2 x 1 teaspoon into carbohydrate-rich liquid and drink immediately between meals. From the 5th to 42nd day daily 1 teaspoon as described above, preferably before training. Then take a break for 2-4 weeks and start again, preferably in combination with heavy training.

Packaging unit: 600g can

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