AIREX Balance Pad Elite, blue - L50 x W41 x D6cm Balance and coordination - 1
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AIREX Balance Pad Elite, blue - L50 x W41 x D6cm

The AIREX® Balance-pad Elite is a further development of the already proven Balance-pad. It has a unique anti-slip, waffle-like texture on its upper and lower sides, which provides pleasant stimulation of the receptors in the sole of the foot during barefoot balance training. The AIREX® Balance-pad Elite has the desired destabilizing properties due to its 6 cm thickness. Its smooth surface is perfect for barefoot beginners of balance training. The flexible foam constantly challenges the body to maintain its balance and thus stabilize the joints. Exercises on the Balance-pad Elite cause a greater use of deep-seated muscles than exercises without a balance pad.

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AIREX Coordination Rocker for Balance Pad

AIREX Coordination Rocker for Balance Pad

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With the new waffle pattern on the top and bottom of the AIREX Balance-Pad Elite is achieved that the Balance-Pad Elite has a greater slip resistance. Also, the new surface pattern provides a pleasant massage and stimulation of the plantar receptors. The blood circulation of the feet and the foot well-being are actively promoted. The new Balance-Pad Elite is used on both sides, which extends its service life.

A secure footing is the starting point for physiotherapy and sports therapy efforts to regain undisturbed walking or foot function.

AIREX Balance-Pad Elite covers a wide range of applications as a therapeutic and training device. Due to its destabilizing properties, it is used for the retraining of motor skills in

  • rehabilitation
  • prevention
  • recreational and competitive sports

It enables the combined training of conventional and coordinative talents such as strength, endurance, differentiation and balance skills. Keywords such as proprioceptor training and kinesthetics are taken into account. Due to its specific characteristics, the AIREX Balance-Pad Elite is particularly suitable in the field of prevention and rehabilitation for

  • Balance training
  • coordination and reaction training
  • walking school
  • stance stability training
  • functional training of the musculature of the lower extremities
  • motor exercises to maintain balance in case of e.g. age-related changes of musculature and skeletal apparatus.

The AIREX Balance-Pad Elite is produced in two different formats. Several surfaces can also be placed on top of each other to enhance the buffing effect. The closed-cell, super-soft special foam does not absorb moisture or dirt, is durable and hygienic.

The AIREX Balance-Pad Elite can be used multifunctionally and is also excellent as a swimming cushion and swimming island.

Dimensions: L50 x W41 x H6cm
Color: blue

The AIREX® Balance-pad Solid produces much softer stimuli due to its higher density. It is the optimal aid for seniors and therapists in very early stages of therapy, as it is not as unstable and wobbly as other AIREX® Balance-pads. Due to its extremely robust properties, the AIREX® Balance-pad Solid is particularly suitable for functional training, as it can be used just as well for training in sneakers. The large-area waffle-like texture embossed on both sides allows for very easy, remarkably non-slip and safe therapy and training applications.

Note: Please check the surface for slip resistance before using Airex Balance products. We recommend using an Airex mat as a base to increase comfort and safety.

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