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Lumbar cushion

Foam lumbar pillow from Dr. Brügger to support the back muscles. The specially shaped foam lumbar pillow with many possible applications. In therapy, fitness or when traveling. In different sizes, adapts to every body, very robust and especially easy to clean and hygienic. Available in 7 different designs.

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The lumbar pillow with many applications in therapy, fitness or travel.

  • For prevention and reduction of tension in the shoulder-neck area.
  • For prevention of back pain in general and especially e.g. during pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  • As support for an efficient abdominal muscle training as well as pelvic floor training
  • To optimize training success, e.g. during strength, fitness and wellness training (health training). In soft hospital beds to prevent physical tension, for decubitus prophylaxis and to promote respiratory functions
  • To support the success of the therapy

The right pillow for every body size for optimal support for upright posture, for tension in the shoulder and neck area, or for prevention of back pain.

The body size of each person is so different that it is almost impossible to provide everyone with the correct, back-friendly seat, so it needs the individual solution for each back. The choice of the pillow depends on the size of the user, as well as his thoracolumbar extensibility. The asymmetrically shaped lumbar cushion means that the Brügger logo always faces the head in order to adapt optimally to the spine.

Skin-med = medical grade skin, a highly elastic polyurethane coating is firmly bonded to the foam underneath, making it particularly robust. This skin is toxic-free, washable and can be disinfected with all commercially available disinfectants.

Available in different sizes - Dimensions: (width / height / thickness):
yellow (size 1) - approx. 33 x 23 x 4.5cm
red (size 2) - approx. 34 x 27 x 5cm
green (size 3) - 35 x 30 x 5,5cm
grey (size 4) - 36 x 32 x 6cm
orange - 44 x 20 x 2,5cm
blue - 44 x 27 x 3,5cm
black (car/travel cushion) - 25,5 x 27 x 5cm

- Foams can have structure-related pores (so-called blowholes) of different sizes, these do not represent a quality defect.
- Foam tolerances in weight and hardness +/- 15% are unfortunately unavoidable.


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