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Body Solid Pro Scott Curler (GPCB329)

When it comes to isolating the biceps for maximum focus and development, nothing beats the preacher curl. Preacher curls are essential for building overall biceps mass, including the often difficult lower biceps. Body Solid's GPCB329 bicep curl bench is set to a perfect 30° angle, positioning the upper arm for maximum stretch and full range of motion while avoiding strain on the elbows and lower back.

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  • the bicep bench from Body Solid for effective bicep training
  • 30° position of the armrest
  • Height-adjustable bicep pad
  • size of bicep pad 60 x 38cm
  • Extra wide dumbbell rest
  • extra strong, high-quality DuraFirm seat and bicep pads, tear-resistant with double stitching
  • Robust frame construction

Use: home to light institutional use, payload: approx. 300kg
Equipment dimensions: L79 x W104 x H99cm, weight 39.6kg
Option: bicep curl bar, discs
Warranty: 2 years on labour and spare parts (excluding consumables)

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