Inkospor X-Treme Recovery Drink 525g can Post-Workout - 1
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Inkospor X-Treme Recovery Drink 525g can

Glutamine-containing drink with carbohydrates, taurine, minerals and vitamins for quick recovery after training.

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Beverage powder for the production of a cold drink with fast and long-term available carbohydrates, glutamine, taurine, minerals and vitamins. Dietetic food for intensive muscular exertion, especially for athletes. With sugars and sweeteners (contains a source of phenylalanine). Not suitable for diabetics.

X-TREME RECOVERY was specially developed for endurance athletes who need to replenish nutrients and fluids quickly after a strenuous workout. Because only those who regenerate quickly ensure training success, avoid overtraining syndromes and can train again more quickly.

X-TREME RECOVERY supplies L-glutamine as well as a special carbohydrate-taurine transport matrix in order to absorb nutrients more quickly. The energy vitamin B1, which is particularly needed after training, and the protective vitamin vitamin C as well as magnesium and the trace elements zinc and selenium are specifically balanced.

  • High-quality carbohydrates that quickly replenish carbohydrate stores used up during exercise and provide the ultimate energy boost.
  • L-glutamine, which compensates for the unavoidable loss of glutamine during exercise and thus supports regeneration, muscles and the immune system.
  • Taurine to support performance and the immune system. Together with the carbohydrates, taurine also forms a highly efficient transport matrix that transports nutrients as quickly as possible.
  • Vitamins: Energy vitamin B1 is particularly needed after training and supports protein metabolism and regeneration. Protective vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and selenium compensate for training losses and support the immune system.
  • Particularly well tolerated.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose, 13 % glutamine, 6.3 % taurine, acidifier: citric acid, acidity regulator: magnesium hydroxide, flavouring, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, vitamin C, sweeteners: aspartame and acesulfame-K, zinc oxide, vitamin B1, sodium selenite, colourings: riboflavin and beta-carotene.

Packaging unit: 525g tin
Flavour: orange-lemon

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